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polystyrene beads

The beads we use in JTS bean bags are made of best quality polystyrene. In use the bead filling moulds to an individual’s body and also reflects their body heat, this make beanbags ideal for use outdoors as well as in. If it’s just bead filling you need, our Sputnik hoppers are equipped to deliver charges of beanbag beads in the exact number of cubic feet you require.



Fibre makes a soft and comfortable filling for a cushion. Using our factory blending machine enables us to combine the most cost-effective mix of virgin and regenerated fibres which we then blow into the cushion cases to give them their full and plump appearance.



Only the finest quality, certified duck feathers make into a JTS cushion. After meticulously teasing the feathers using our factory hopper we blow them into our cushion cases for maximum fluffiness. Each cushion is weighed to make sure is filled correctly and meets the JTS quality of being perfect inside and out.



Whatever style or size of cushions you’re looking for we can design, make and finish them for you right here in our factory. In addition, to help keep costs down on volume orders we also operate a fully certified off-shore cutting and sewing factory. And if you already have your covers, no problem, we offer a commission filling service, we can provide you with made to measure blank cushions and then fill them for you with your own choice of beads, fibres, or feathers.



Producing the exceptional quality cushions you want doesn’t stop at design and fill. Once your cushions have been quality checked we’ll pack and deliver them in the most cost effective way for you - no shipping costs, no minimum container loads, no red tape, just the quantities you need, the quality and cost-effectiveness you demand, delivered how and when you want.



At JTS our commitment to deliver extends far beyond of physical delivery of our products. It is expressed in company-wide commitment to world class manufacturing right here in the UK. It is a commitment supported by a company culture focused on continuous improvement and technological innovation and most importantly it is a commitment driven by meeting the needs of you, our customers. All of which means that if you are looking for highest standards in UK made cushions, then look no further that JTS, we’ve got it covered.

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The hands on touch and feel miniature product and production sample box, that covers all aspects of the JTS experience. Contents include (miniature) samples of a soft seating product, fibre filled cushion, feather filled cushion, cushion cover, logistics and all the information you need to know.

*JTS sample box for trade purposes only